Fingo celebrated its beginnings over a decade ago in the heart of leafy Surrey. As the world has changed we have evolved, taking our customers with us as we embrace digital innovation and change. Instinctively collaborative, our development, creative, digital and social experts work together to create and deliver great work and results for our clients and brands. At the heart of this is our process and planning – a framework based on our unique insights and knowledge to help our clients tell their stories, engage with customers and enjoy the experience.


The secret to success is the right fusion of specialists – innovators, ideas people and bright sparks with the courage to think big and think different . To challenge everyday thinking, be experts in their fields and understand how to grow and modernise your business. To be bold, inspiring and exciting.

David Urry

Head of Operations

James Willis

Development Lead

Emma Swan

Agency Manager

Andy Robson

Design & UI Lead

Rhea Warren

Digital Project Manager

Luke Jennings

Technical Director

Simon Mellodew

Exec Creative Director

Marissa Freeman

Director of Client Success

Maddie Benderschi

Digital Project Manager

Tim Richards

Content Executive

Peter Woollven

Managing Director

Katie Ainsworth

Digital Designer

Zac Frackelton

Client Success Account Manager

Androniks Bogdanovs


Abbie Hossack

Agency Admin

Lorenzo Brach del Prever

Team Lead

Diana Davies

Client Success Account Manager

Nick Shilton

Digital Marketing

Zahra Nurmohamed

Digital Marketing

Yulia Stetsenko

Digital Marketing

Benjamin Appaix

Digital Marketing

Ginny Gilmour

Digital Marketing

Spiros Trivyzas

Development Lead


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