We’ve been designing digital environments for a long time and following an effective project process is absolutely critical. Below, we thought we’d share a few points to look out for when embarking on a new website project.

1. Have you identified the goals of your redesign? How will you measure its success?

2. Make sure your agency has a clear process and a project plan.

3. Before you start working on the site structure, be clear on your objectives -how do you want to position your brand? What services you want to promote? And what engagement and connection you are aiming to achieve?

4. Who are your existing target users? Each type of user will need different methods to convince them to complete end goals whether that’s buying a product, signing up to email newsletters or completing an enquiry form.

5. Content can run away with you if you don’t take a structured approach. We incorporate workshops with the project team to define the frameworks and navigation before you start working on the main content. New technologies and creative can influence the way your content is presented; tone and volume. There are lots of interesting ways to get your points across such as video, animation, infographics.

6. Ensure your agency provides you with wireframes – these provide a clear way of seeing what your website will look like early on in the process. An in-browser experience really brings the ideas to life.

7. Do your research. Look to other sites for inspiration and ideas. You can share these with the web development team who will build this into a mood board. A good agency will also review competitor and aspirational sites and do their own research.

8. Think about your other digital and offline assets – do they need to be brought in line with the new website look and feel, both visual and content? Branding and templates should be consistent across all your collateral.

9. A social media strategy can play a big role in promoting your brand across new channels. If you haven’t got a strategy, your agency can help you and it’s worth reviewing.

10. Have you identified how people will find your site? Will you need SEO/PPC to drive traffic to your website?

11. Who will look after and update the website once it’s live – do you have a Web Master and content champions? Who will maintain and optimise your SEO, CRO and campaigns.

12. Make sure you have good case studies and statistics in your back pocket. Allow sufficient time to pull the information together and make sure you have client/customer approval before referencing them on the site.

13. Have you thought about supporting your new website launch with an ad campaign? This is an extremely effective way of bringing new, targeted traffic to your site and can be tailored to suit any budgets.

14. Comprehensive analytics will boost success and highlight areas which could perform better. It’s not just about a quick peek on Google.

Behind the glossy words and images are the mechanisms which can turn your site into a powerful brand; driving performance and optimising your profile. Don’t settle for second best. Invest in your future with an agency who talks the digital language.

To find out more about our design and web development services, you can contact Fingo via our enquiries page or email us at hello@fingo.co.uk.