When you think of animation, you might think of cartoon drawings. However, when it comes to website design, CSS animation is just one of the methods when executed well, that can be a powerful addition to help engage a visitor. Here’s how animation can be used to improve your website and user experience…

1. Engage audiences for longer

Animation can be used to engage your audience and keep their focus for longer. This will often result in more time being spent on the site and, therefore, a higher chance of conversion. This extra time spent on the site will also reflect well in your website analytics and could help improve your site’s rankings.

2. Navigation

Clear navigation is key when considering the user friendliness of your website. Animation can be used to help a user navigate through your site in a clear, precise and attractive way.

An example of this can be shown with independent financial advisors, HJP where an animation is used on the mouse icon to instruct visitors to scroll down the page. Whilst the animation is subtle, it certainly does the job and the users’ eye is drawn to the movement.

3. Smoother transition between pages

Animation can be used to smooth the transition between pages. Whilst animation should never be used to distract visitors, it can ease their journey and present a pleasing progression as they navigate through the site.

4. Show and tell

It can be frustrating to users if something appears not to be working. Animation can be used to confirm an action and show to the user that it has been registered. These actions can include anything from a simple click, confirming transactions when making purchases or submitting subscription and contact forms.

A common solution for this is a hover state. Showcased with architect website, HLM, the hover state in this instance highlights the tab as the user hovers over it. The underline animation illumines the tab to confirm that their action has been recognised.

5. Boost your brand’s image

Animation can be used to simply improve the overall design of your site. With so many websites out there on the big wide web, it can sometimes be hard to stand out and get noticed. Animation can make your website appear less flat and offer a high quality finish which can speak volumes about the status and professionalism of your business.

Featured on one of our most recent launches, Bleckfield, included a very effective hot air balloon animation to reflect their friendly customer service. The animation not only engages the user, but gives the website a bespoke look that’s relevant to their branding.

To find out more about how animation can improve your website or any other Fingo services, you can contact us via our enquiries page or email client services at hello@fingo.co.uk.