Fresh content (a) “fresh con-tent”

What is fresh content?

In the context of SEO, fresh content is content that is dynamic, new, or recently published to your site.

Types of fresh content
Timely content

Timely content pieces are generally geared around newsworthy or trending topics. By ensuring you create content around current news, you improve your chances of appearing in Google’s ‘Top Stories’ section, and the frequency of fresh content can help improve the favourability with which Google looks at your site. Not only that, but older timely content pieces can still be seen by Google as the most relevant answers to queries, meaning your older newsworthy content may still be served to users further down the line.

New pages

Adding high quality and relevant pages to your site can generate more traffic for 2 key reasons.

1. New content is more likely to get links from other sites, leading to higher rankings for your page and site with outreach and promotion activity

2. You will have the ability to target a wider range of keywords

Fresh links are just as valuable as fresh content. The more links you have leading to your site, the more frequently Google will crawl your site. That said – the quality of those links is vital. Links from relevant influencers could prove to be valuable in this case.

Refreshed content

There are mixed opinions on how much impact refreshing your content can have on your rankings. Broadly speaking, it’s generally agreed that overhauling or updating your SEO content can help maintain or improve your rankings. However, we don’t believe this is the be all and end all of fresh content. Your fresh content strategy should use a combination of new content, timely content and updated existing content. Remember – the ultimate goal of refreshed content is to make something better than before. If you can do a better job than your competitors, you’re on to a winner.

5 top tips for fresh content

  1. Create new content on a regular basis
  2. Confine your updates to specific content, rather than broader pieces
  3. Grow your links gradually and steadily
  4. Don’t change the topics of your pages too much, as some external links may lose their relevance and value
  5. Create your content around clicks and interaction

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