On Thursday 7th June, Shirley, Tom and Kyle from Fingo’s PPC team attended Google’s Automation Expert Day in London, hoping to become masters of automation solutions. The day consisted of an all day workshop which aimed to provide the highest level of expertise into Google’s automation solutions, the benefits of smart bidding and understanding machine learning in ads.

The event enabled the PPC team to meet and mingle with other experts in their field to share ideas, gain new insights and understand how other digital marketers excel within the industry. Throughout the day they discussed what Google products already use machine learning, what they envision digital advertising will be like in 2025 and presented opinions for why they believe Google’s CPA algorithm may or may not have a poor performance.

At Fingo, we love having the opportunity to develop our knowledge deeper, here’s what the PPC team took from the experience:

Shirley Jones

“Oddly, the part I really liked the most wasn’t actually to do with the training. I liked their take on not bringing laptops to meetings but instead using more creative/visual methods to get the message out there.

But… relating to the actual event, automation was the most interesting. Factoring in the different stages a user is at should be key in deciding which automation model to use, it’s not a “one size fits all”.

That was the juiciest part for me.”

Kyle Phillips

“A main factor for me on the day was attribution models. Using the correct attribution model will allow us to report accurately to our clients and be transparent about how users convert.

Also, we were provided with an explanation of how automated bid models take hundreds of signals into consideration that we don’t manually have access to when running campaigns.

And the food was good!

Tom Marvin

“Being a Google Partner allows us to attend events like this, gaining fresh insights and training which is then enforced within the Fingo team and with our clients.”

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