With the social media environment growing and flourishing, paid social media advertising has become an integrated part of marketing tool kits, and is rivaling Google AdWords as the first port of call for reaching marketing objectives.

Whilst social media channels are free to use and provide global exposure for your business, getting your audience to absorb your message can be difficult. Why? Because the competition is high and - with the introduction of Facebook and Twitter for Business, sponsored content is often the more favourable. As such, it’s becoming harder than ever to get your message out there organically.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a solution, however. Paid amplification can help you restore reach via your social platforms; boosting content with advanced-based targeting helps you to attract the right kind of attention. So what are the benefits?

Paid Social exposes an otherwise unseen audience

To ensure your content is receiving the engagement it deserves, social posts must be delivered with the right message and targeted at the right audience. The beauty of Paid Social is that it allows your business to target users who are currently following you, as well as surfacing new audiences that otherwise may have not seen your content.

Using carefully constructed algorithms, Facebook (including Instagram) and Twitter examine the following to better target users who are most likely to engage with your content.

• Location - Target ads to people based on specific locations

• Age - Target ads to an audience within a specific age range

• Gender - Target ads to an audience of women, men or both

• Languages - Target ads to users of certain languages

• Detailed Targeting - Include or exclude people from an audience based on demographics, interests and/or their behaviours

• Connections - Include or exclude people from your audience based on connections to your specific pages, apps or events

Paid Social enables quicker experimentation

Another benefit of Paid Social is A/B testing. Testing allows you to experiment with various content including image styles, word choices and calls to action. This cost efficient method provides an insight in to the best types of content to share on different audience segments.

Better yet, because paid amplification presents the content to the audience far quicker than organic, the results of your experimentation are more efficiently realised. This means you can achieve your desired result and spend less time and money seeing what sticks, and more time boosting spend on successful content pieces for even greater return.

At Fingo, we continue to support the growth in paid search and paid social channels with dedicated resources and teams. Meeting the demand for metrics and true measures of return on investment, paid social offers two way dialogue with existing and potential customers, expands engagement and enables feedback. To find out more about how Paid Social could benefit your business, you can contact Fingo via our enquiries page or email us at hello@fingo.co.uk.