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Rewriting the story of Victoria

Initially the Developer was looking for an efficient and proactive digital marketing agency to help with the ongoing support for the prestigious 55VS website. As part of a £4billion regeneration programme in the heart of Westminster, 55vs is playing its part in rewriting the story of Victoria, combining its history with its rebirth as one of London's most sought-after districts.

The website has evolved since its launch with a number of UX enhancements rolled out through the site. The use of animation, new navigation and the addition of new photography in line with other marketing collaterals have improved engagement levels.

To kick start the online promotion of the site, AdWords was the natural choice. Promoting such a development in a competitive vertical required a stand out campaign. By using the features at the forefront of the AdWords platform, the campaign was able to generate high levels of visibility and interest.

During the 6 month campaign, our on-going analysis identified opportunities for improvement. Through testing and refinement, performance was lifted across the board.


“During the 6 month campaign, our work and on-going analysis helped lift overall performace of the site across the board.”

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