These days, the journey to finding your perfect digital agency can feel much like the journey to finding your perfect romantic partner. You hope to have a relationship built on trust, connection and shared goals - and yet you can find yourself running through a string of bad dates where you get stood up, ghosted… and maybe even cheated on!

But fear not, because we are agency-relationship experts with 20 years of expertise in supporting our clients and working hard to develop our standing as one of the UKs leading digital agencies. We’ve had a number of client partners over the years, we’ve seen it all, worked on ourselves and have all the knowledge to help you look out for dangerous signs a digital agency may be a player! 

Here are 5 red flags that might prompt you to take a break and revaluate your digital agency choice:

All Give No Take

Naturally, you'd expect your advertising investments to bring a clear uptick in returns – a love story between your efforts and results. But in this love affair it’s the commercial metrics that count. ROAS, conversions and impressions are just some of the many metrics that offer insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns.. And just like in dating, if the agency you work with can’t offer insights or bring you strong results, but are happy to take your fees, then maybe they are not the one for you.

At Fingo, our USP is a commercial focus on your campaigns- understanding your business objectives. Our focus is on delivering concrete outcomes. This commitment drives our data-informed approach. If a strategy isn't yielding the desired results, we're quick to adapt and develop new approaches to achieve success.

No Caller ID

Having a sea of names but no recognisable faces can be as frustrating as having a contact in your phone with no profile picture – you're lost in the shuffle of handoffs and internal transfers. That's why a consistent named representative such as an account manager or a project manager is crucial ensuring effective communication and a familiar presence throughout your journey together.

Long Distance

In today's digital era, agencies are as spread out as long-distance relationships. While the benefits are undeniable as it can open possibilities to work with global agencies and gain valuable alternative insights and perspectives. But there's a catch – those cherished face-to-face interactions become occasional treats rather than regular occurrences. It's like falling for someone overseas: exciting and full of potential, but time zones and cultural nuances can create hurdles. You're yearning for that personal touch.

Embracing the best of both worlds, Fingo presents offices in both London and Surrey. We cater to your preferences by providing the flexibility of in-person and virtual meetings, ensuring your convenience remains at the forefront of our interaction. We love meeting our clients face to face and invite many to our Surrey office for our monthly update meetings. 

Trust Issues

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship and in the digital marketing realm it's no different. Recognising your agency's credentials, optimisation score and affiliated partnerships with top platforms can go a long way in building that foundation of trust. Fingo proudly stands alongside Google, Meta, LinkedIn and Facebook as partners. Our google optimisation score is consistently 10% higher than the premier partner threshold. Our team is fully certified which is double the Google partner requirement. These credentials are a testament to our credibility as partners you can trust and rely on with your brand and budget.

Shady Behaviour 

A successful relationship thrives on communication and transparency. A digital agency that keeps you in the dark is like a partner who refuses to reveal their weekend plans – confusion and mistrust loom large. A partnership should be an open book, not a hidden agenda. You should know the progress of your workstreams, the results of your campaigns and what’s going on in the background.

We are big believers in transparency- even if that means holding our hands up on the very very rare moments we haven’t achieved the outcomes we were hoping for. Our open access reports, media schedules, visible KPIs and other accessible information, reporting on all of your campaigns highs and lows. 

Find the one

Here at Fingo our mission revolves around ensuring that your digital agency journey is marked by friendly, expertise, and an unwavering sense of professional loyalty. Our No Red Flags approach will ensure we have a long term relationship built on trust and success.

Ready to leave the bad digital dates in the past and elevate your digital journey? Join us at Fingo, where knowledge and warmth meet professionalism to create digital solutions that truly shine. Email us today at