Ego bait (n) “ee-goh beyt”

What is ego bait?

Ego bait content is a piece of content written with the primary intention of appealing to the ego of the reader. The reader could be an individual, a group of individuals, or a company.

Why is ego bait used?

By appealing to a target user’s ego, a content creator may be aspiring to getting a link, a share, or some kind of recognition.

Examples of ego bait content

Ego bait can take many forms, including…

  • Articles
  • Awards and prizes
  • Recognition

Risks of ego bait

Ego bait involves identifying targets, and understanding the best way to leverage them by appealing to their sense of self-importance. As such, it could be considered as a manipulative tactic in some areas. As such, ego baiting can lead to certain risks for marketers. Once such risk would be your target identifying an ego bait strategy and pushing back, potentially damaging your brand.

3 Top tips for ego bait content

  1. Be sincere
  2. Don’t patronise the user
  3. Add value

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ego spelt with wooden letter blocks