When we talk about website development it’s usually all about opportunities. A fast, attractive and easy to use website will bring huge benefits to any business. These include more sales, more profits and a stronger brand.

If you appreciate those benefits, ask yourself what would happen if you no longer had them. Perhaps because your site security was compromised. Or, worse still, what if your compromised site was actively harming your business?

The results of a website hack can be ugly:

●        Visitors could be redirected to another site (with who-knows-what content).

●        Customers’ personal data or your intellectual property could be stolen.

●        Harmful or abusive content could be placed on your site.

●        You could get a ransom demand.

What is for certain is that you’ll lose sales and potential leads while the site is out of action. And any reputational damage caused by the hack can take a lot longer to fix than the website.

Your site has been hacked or compromised - what happens now?

The immediate priorities would be to fix the vulnerability, replace infected files from backups and cleanse your site so that other files can’t be hacked in the same way. How long would this take to organise (including getting proposals and financial approvals)?

There isn’t a quick fix for a compromised website - particularly if you want to make sure it’s not susceptible to a follow-up attack.

Website hacks are events that many businesses prefer not to think about - until they become a victim. At this point the disruption and the financial and reputational costs suddenly become impossible to ignore and hard to quantify.

Prevention really is better than cure

Hackers are relentless. A lot of their activity is carried out by bots that never need to sleep. One estimate is that over 300,000 new pieces of malware are created every single day.

Hackers are continually searching for new ways into your site so they can cause maximum harm.

Even if you haven’t been hacked you need to be in a position to react immediately to new threats and vulnerabilities as they appear. If a new major vulnerability was announced tomorrow, would you want to wait days or even weeks to put protection in place?

If the hackers never sleep, neither should your website security. That’s why Fingo launched Armour - the ultimate - always on - website safeguarding and maintenance solution.

We want you to forget about your website

Wouldn’t it be great if everything needed to keep your site running efficiently and securely just happened?

This is what you get with Armour protection:

●        Enhanced security is implemented across your website.

●        Somebody is proactively searching for any technical errors and fixing them immediately.

●        Effective protection is maintained for your company and customer data at all times.

●        Any new vulnerabilities are plugged right away without you having to do anything.

●        CMS, plug-in and security upgrades are actioned immediately.

Budgeting and cost control are just as simple. It’s a fixed cost instead of the uncertainty that comes from reacting to events you can’t control.

To find out more and put your essential website protection in place click here to find out more and order a pack.