A fast, attractive and easy to use website will deliver more sales, more profits and reinforce a stronger brand identity for your business.

The opposite is also true. Pages that take ages to load, links that don’t go anywhere, and a frustrating and confusing experience for visitors will cost you sales and harm your brand.

For one thing, your site will be hard to find. These are typical quality signals that Google uses when it decides to rank your site on page one - or one one of the ‘wilderness’ search results pages that nobody visits.

Why do websites slow down?

Over the course of a few years websites tend to gain additional pages, plugins and features. Some features become redundant but the code is still there, bloating the site and slowing it down.

Things get moved and some links end up pointing to the wrong places. What was an easy, logical and linear flow through the online sales process gains a few side roads and cul-de-sacs. 

It gradually becomes hard to navigate.

Plugins don’t always get updated. This means they stop working as intended and can create security risks.

Controlled website evolution

Websites should evolve. Your business is always changing and customers have higher expectations for their online experience. New technical features come along that offer you more opportunities to serve your customers and improve sales.

Of course you want to take advantage of new developments. But you also want to make sure that your website and the user experience remain lean and efficient.

That’s why Fingo launched Armour - the ultimate - always on - website safeguarding and maintenance solution.

We want you to forget about your website

Wouldn’t it be great if everything needed to keep your site running efficiently and securely just happened? 

This is what you get with Armour protection:

● Somebody is proactively searching for any technical errors and fixing them immediately. 

● CMS, plug-in and security upgrades are actioned immediately.

● Enhanced security is implemented across your website.

● Effective protection is maintained for your company and customer data at all times. 

● Any new vulnerabilities are plugged right away without you having to do anything.

Budgeting and cost control are just as simple. It’s a fixed cost instead of the uncertainty that comes from reacting when you find your Google rankings have dropped or you’re suddenly getting more bounces than sales or enquiries.

To find out more and put your essential website protection in place click here and order a pack.