An in-depth look at why you should involve your developers with your paid media advertising campaigns. Reduce your CPA and boost your conversions!

If you are running ads across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or just about any other platform, you should take a moment to ask yourself a very important question: ‘are my ads actually converting or is something falling down along the way?’

Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario. You have a product that you are advertising on Facebook. The ads you are running are set up to target a broad but detailed audience, you have a good budget that can reach a lot of people, well-written copy and a strong call to action. Your end goal is to get users to request information about your product.

Your audience could respond very well to your adverts and drive a great deal of traffic to your website but then once there, fail to convert. No matter how many thousands of users click through to your landing page, if no one is converting, you might as well be throwing money away.

This is something that nearly every marketer would have experienced at some stage in their digital life. Invariably, the cause is not on that platform you are advertising on but on your own website.

The trick is getting your paid advertising and website working together in tandem. There are a number of ways to make this happen.

Consistent Creatives

Look at the creative assets you are using. Do the images in your ad convey the same feelings and action to those on your landing page? If the images are uninspiring to begin with, you won’t get the traffic in the first place. If they are uninspiring on the landing page, the traffic will be for nothing. And this extends beyond imagery. Ad copy and tone of voice should be consistent across all platforms to effectively reflect the brand and product while also being suitable for the target audience.

Mixed Messages

If your call to action on Instagram is to learn more but then your audience are instantly served a shopping basket on your website, you are unlikely to get the response you are looking for. If you offer someone the chance to learn more, give them time to.

You always have the option to run tests and determine what your audience wants to do. If you have multiple calls to action, determine which has shown the most promise and adapt your landing page to reflect that.

Technical Difficulties

You should also never rule out the possibility that users are struggling to convert as a result of the website not allowing them to.

Websites can be temperamental and subject to errors occurring without warning. If this is the case, we would always recommend pausing all paid activity while the improvements are underway.

How Fingo Approach Biddabble and UX 

Our experience in both user experience optimisation and biddable media lend themselves to each other. We have a holistic approach to each campaign that is designed to increase click through rate and conversions while also being focused on reducing CPA. We understand that all areas of the campaign, whether it is paid advertising, web development or even the SEO aspect all - fundamentally - have the same goal in mind, so working in unison can help bring those goals to the surface.

We also take an analytical perspective towards each stage of a campaign, in particular the “back-end” of the biddable platform. Being able to jump in and analyse a certain element of a search or social campaign can help us to gain a far greater understanding of the audience we are working with, as opposed to simply letting it run for the full term without any adjustment.

Every element of our biddable work is monitored, reviewed and reported on, keeping our clients up to date with any and all adjustments made. Our award winning team have a strong history of providing valuable and effective biddable solutions that offer audience insight, potential website improvements and, above all else, convert.

If you're interested in speaking to Fingo about how to optimise your Biddable campaigns or website design, reach out by clinking the link here. We'd love to have a no obligation chat to find out if we can help you.