Back in December we, along with all Facebook agency partners, were informed that there was an imminent and significant restriction in the way advertisers could target customers and audiences.

The update was carried out in order to prevent discrimination in industries such as recruitment, finance and housing meaning advertisers could no longer target by age, gender or post code. The upshot is that generic interest groups remain but it’s much more difficult to create high quality conversions for brands.

The impact across the digital community has been huge and the fallout far reaching. Many digital agencies have been negatively impacted by the drastic restriction in targeting options. Thankfully, Fingo is not one of those agencies and we are delighted by our strategic platform affiliations that have ensured we can continue running successful Facebook ad campaigns for our clients.

Our specialist team were given notice of the change and immediately set to work designing new strategies to meet our campaign objectives for our clients. Fingo is extremely proud of its Biddable Media team.