… With Your Creative Imagery

The Rise of AI 

Recently, the development and use of AI have been on the rise. Most recently, AI has revolutionised the creative industry, allowing users to generate images and content effortlessly. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and other AI techniques can now create visuals with just a few instructions inputted by the user. People can do this using common platforms used for graphic design, such as Adobe Photoshop.

These AI-generated images have made the lives of in-house marketers easy as they are more convenient and offer a cost-effective solution for producing visual content. However, as AI-generated images have become bountiful and more mainstream, so have the concerns about authenticity and the potential for misuse.

Google Knows

In the fight against misinformation and as Google is at the forefront of machine learning and AI, it has made significant steps in developing image recognition technology. Using specific algorithms, Google can now identify signs of AI-generated images. Google's image recognition algorithm can detect images containing subtle artefacts or patterns indicative of AI generation.

For example, Google Deep Mind, a division focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neuroscience research, has announced a beta version of SnythID. This tool will be used to detect AI-generated images. The tool will watermark and identify AI-generated images by embedding a digital watermark directly into the pixels of an image that will be imperceptible to the human eye but detectable for identification.

This ability to recognise AI-generated content will ensure that users can trust the authenticity of the images they are seeing, whether it be online or in advertising.

Importance of Authenticity

The benefits of AI and its practical applications cannot be denied when it comes to efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ease however, in the digital marketing world, individuality pays off. There are fundamental differences between machines and humans and the creativity and authenticity of the human brain cannot be electronically replicated. Custom, unique creatives created by talented designers specifically for your brand or specific advert campaign or website carry an inherent sense of individuality, setting you apart from the competition and not allowing you to fall into the trap of stock image overload. 

Digital agencies with teams of skilled designers and creatives play a crucial role in creating a unique brand identity for your business with top-notch unique creatives that you wouldn't find anywhere else. This prevents your brand or ad campaigns from looking generic and tired and gives them a breath of originality.

They can tailor visuals to match your brand's identity and values while optimising them to reach your target audience.

Should Have Gone to Fingo

Google's new ability to detect AI-generated images highlights the importance of using a digital agency to create custom and unique creatives, winning favour with Google and other digital platforms.

Here is why you should have gone to Fingo:


Authenticity: Here at Fingo, we produce unique creatives that, when used, will not trigger Google's image recognition algorithms as being AI-generated and will, therefore, avoid your website and/or advertising campaign not being favoured by the platform.


Human Touch: The benefit of a human touch in a creative process should never be underestimated. At Fingo, we create content that allows for emotions and individuality to connect with the audience; this quality is something that AI cannot replicate. 


Branding consistency: Here at Fingo, we work in partnership with you to maintain a clear and consistent visual identity across all platforms, reinforcing your brand recognition and loyalty.


Tailored Solutions: At Fingo, we work with our clients in a partnership, meaning we create content that is specific to your business's specific goals and objectives, making the visuals we produce more effective.

In conclusion, your business should use unique visual content. Partnering with an agency to craft visuals customised to your brand ensures uniqueness and allows for optimisation, enhancing their performance to align with your objectives.


While we acknowledge AI's impact in the creative and digital sectors,  Google's recent AI detection advancements may impede your digital strategy when relying on AI-generated images. Choosing a digital agency is the ideal path for visuals that genuinely connect with your audience and enhance your campaigns or website. At Fingo, our human touch, customised visuals, and commitment to authenticity drive our client's digital marketing success.